Too hard on yourself? Use this tool to get unstuck.

Are you too hard on yourself? I know I can be…when my mindset is stuck in a FIXED, NON-GROWING position.

Today I’m sharing a #fitandstrong tool I created to get unstuck and moving forward again after making a mistake and wasting precious minutes/ hours/ days being too hard on myself.

We can’t say that we have a 100% FIXED or a 100% GROWTH mindset. We are all a mixture of the two. Even if we’re usually in a growth mindset, we all have triggers that can drag us down into a fixed mindset.

It could be a setback, it could be criticism, it could be that new colleague who is ‘better than you are.’ You may think, “That person is so much more talented than me.” There are a ton of things that can trigger us into getting stuck.

We all have our own little quirky triggers too. One of my quirks is this: when I can hear someone’s teeth click together while they eat it drives me absolutely bonkers. There are many people who do not get triggered when the tables are turned. It’s a good idea to remember that what bothers one of us is no big deal to someone else.

Here’s my three-step tool to spot (then change) a fixed mindset trigger:

fitandstrong blog- are you too hard on yourself?


1️⃣ Focus on recognizing when your fixed-mindset bullshit shows up.You’ll know you’re there when you feel negativity (embarrassed, rejected, ashamed, annoyed, sadness, guilt, etc).

2️⃣ Embrace the vulnerability of the moment and ask yourself what is it about the experience that makes you feel so uncomfortable.

3️⃣ Expand your growth mindset by spotting your triggers, identifying the fixed-mindset bull-honky for what it is. Learn to respond with a growth mindset approach, and persuade your fixed persona to work towards the new growth mindset effectively.

That’s what this tool is ALL about- realizing that a negative thought or action has the potential to drag you somewhere where growth isn’t possible. For some of us it’s a flip-switch, for others it’s not. All that matters is you identify what YOUR triggers are so you know how to handle them when they come up.

Now that you are aware of your mindset and how powerful it can be in your personal evolution, will you be using it to foster your happiness and growth?



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