Strong Women Lift Each Other Up!

Looking up at me, my friend Jeanne, said, “I can’t lift weights. I have a bad back.”

I was waiting to teach my BodyPump class, and I’d just invited her to join.

She was stretching on a mat nearby.

“You can’t?” I responded. “Why not?”

She repeated, “I have a bad back.”

To which I said, “Weights are EXACTLY what you need to strengthen your back.

Get up, miss thing. You’re taking my class.”

She laughed out loud, stood up, and walked into class with me.

I didn’t apologize, but I did clarify: I was a personal trainer turned group fitness instructor turned fitness director.

I also lifted on my own for 15 years before that, so I had both personal & professional experience backing me up.

And, because I still lift, I’ve got a good deal of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to women lifting weights with the right form and proper technique. And what blooms in a nurturing environment.

Over the course of our friendship, Jeanne has thanked me numerous times for ‘making her’ lift weights that day at the gym.

In my eyes she turned into a ‘strong’ woman that day.

We talk about how my unexpected response surprised her so much that she actually did what I asked.

Did she go heavy? No.

Does that matter? No.

Did she trust me? Yes.

Did I lift her up? Yes.

Consider this, friends: Your actions affect others, even when they seem private.

You may be huffing it down the street with your bluetooth earbuds on, jamming to your own private rock concert. A woman looks out her window and realizes she’s forgotten to take care of herself today and heads out for a walk.

Or you’ve just gotten started weight training consistently. Your body has just begun to change but your manner is different. A friend notices a new calm, a subtle confidence in your being, and she wants this too. She asks what you’ve been doing.

You may weight train in your living room and hike alone on deserted hilltops, but you aren’t really alone.

So do millions of others, more and more women all the time. Your participation expands the consciousness by one more soulful mind.

Do not stop, because you are needed.

There’s so much more to be done, so many more women who long to fill their lives with such feelings.

Your actions lift others up.

WE lift each other up.


Stay #FitProStrong, my friends,



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