Feeling hopeless and stuck trying to get fit? YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS

Feeling Hopeless And Stuck Trying To Get Fit? YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!

You know how sometimes you’re not really in the mood to work out until you start and suddenly it’s great and you’re glad you pushed yourself? the meet-up you didn’t want to attend but ended up enjoying and even offering to help organize the next one the workout session that took all your willpower to[…]

It’s Not About Restrictions…It’s About Creating New Habits (5 of 6)

I’ve learned so much over my journey as a fitness professional, from training clients, multiple fitness certifications, workshops, personal research/ reading and from trial and error. In this six-part series, I’m sharing my best Healthy Eating Habits that I’ve discovered with you. Habits for Eating Healthy Eating healthy is something we all want to do,[…]

4 Offensive Plays to Eat Clean During the Super Bowl

Superbowl Sunday is upon us!  How can we stay the ‘clean eating’ route when we’re going to Superbowl parties tonight? Let’s plan our strategy, then execute the plan to keep our heads in the game and our eyes on the prize- staying aligned with our health & fitness goals for the WIN! First Down: Eat well[…]