Are you too hard on yourself? Use this tool to get unstuck

Too hard on yourself? Use this tool to get unstuck.

Are you too hard on yourself? I know I can be…when my mindset is stuck in a FIXED, NON-GROWING position. Today I’m sharing a #fitandstrong tool I created to get unstuck and moving forward again after making a mistake and wasting precious minutes/ hours/ days being too hard on myself. We can’t say that we[…]

Feeling hopeless and stuck trying to get fit? YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS

Feeling Hopeless And Stuck Trying To Get Fit? YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!

You know how sometimes you’re not really in the mood to work out until you start and suddenly it’s great and you’re glad you pushed yourself? the meet-up you didn’t want to attend but ended up enjoying and even offering to help organize the next one the workout session that took all your willpower to[…]

Thin Mint Mug Cake

Treat Tuesday: Thin Mint Mug Cake

When it’s cold outside, I like my breakfast warm. Enter Thin Mint Mug Cake! I don’t enjoy drinking iced smoothies in the morning. However, I DO want Shakeology every day. It’s my Superfood bullet, it gives me my daily vitamins faster than a speeding train. Most importantly, it keeps my cravings for sweets at bay.[…]

Design a life free from burnout and depletion

The unfortunate truth is that we exist in a world that’s built to magnify our problems and stress us out. Social media trends make us think we need more. We need more success in our careers and family life, more friends than we currently have, more “toys” to play with. And all of it must[…]

Build rapport with anyone in 5 minutes

The ability to instantly build rapport is arguably one of the most important skills in networking and relationship development. It will determine whether or not you’re able to maintain audience with the people you’re trying to engage. It will determine the the quality of your communication efforts; such as the level of ease with which[…]

Understanding motivation and 3 ways you can make it work for you

The Business Dictionary defines motivation as “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.” Motivation is essentially the fuel that drives our behavior, the reason why we do things, and the[…]