Fitness Professionals have an important job!

While the rest of the planet is trying to make people fatter, unhealthier, and drug dependent, we’re out there every day trying to get people healthier, more confident, and more excited about living life.

The reality of working in fitness is…

1) We wake up early, teach & train all day, fight traffic driving from gym to gym, and somehow manage to learn choreography and create new playlists in the evenings.

2) We simply don’t have time to grill chicken and roast veggies (Hello has anyone else asked for a lettuce-wrapped burger at a drive thru? No? Just me?).

3) Our schedules are so packed that we can’t even fathom fitting anything else in.

4) By the time we get home, we just want to relax because we’re exhausted… and we end up skipping our OWN workout.

5) We adore sharing our love of fitness and inspiring our clients, but our good intentions can backfire and our health can often suffer.

6) When we get sick, we lose $$!

As a nationally-accredited fitness pro who’s been there, I get it!

Two years ago, I decided to take control of my schedule, my nutrition and my health.

I wanted OFF the yo-yo cycle that followed my busy seasons at work.

I was either ALL IN or ALL OUT…eating squeaky clean or bingeing on sugar…listening to my body or ignoring it.

I was constantly sick and run-down from living on the extremes. Yes or No. Light vs Dark. Skywalker vs Vader.

It put a deep chasm in my ability to inspire my clients and connect with my family.

On the outside I acted happy, but inside was very sad.

I lacked the courage & confidence I needed to live with authenticity.

After I got sick for the fourth time in six months, I put my foot down. ENOUGH.

I started working one-on-one with a fit lifestyle coach.

Then I joined my coach’s FREE private accountability group and learned that support & community is where the magic happens.

There was no judgement, no shaming & nothing to fear in this community.

In fact, the more open & honest I was, the quicker I found my true North- my internal compass of inspiration.

Now I’m the strongest, healthiest, and most inspired I’ve ever been- in both my personal & professional life!

While I’m nowhere near perfect, I have truly figured out a way to organize myself in a way that is true to ME, and give myself everything I need to be successful every day.

I work out, fuel my body with healthy food, and come home at the end of a long day and still be productive or spend quality time with people I love!

All this without being stressed out, sick and exhausted!

I couldn’t have done this without my supportive community. Support is a MUST. Community is a MUST.

I spend time with my #FitProStrong COMMUNITY each day not only to ignite my own inspiration, but also to listen to others and fuel their fervor as they find with their own compass of inspiration.


Life-changing and life-improving!
I continue to be driven to challenge
myself because of DeAnne and the goals
I have reached and the strength she has helped create within me.

– Laura Piers

Joyful JP


Being a member of DeAnne’s group can only be described as a ‘GAME CHANGER.’
In her program I learned how to make sustainable lifestyle changes.
I learned it was ok to lean on others and I learned to love myself in a whole new way. 

– JP Tinker

Sharon T testimonialNon scale victory today…I have something in my closet that I’ve been trying to get into forever and today it finally happened…my wedding dress. For 15 years I’ve been trying to get that thing back on! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to zip it up without even a tug. So many times I have pulled it out, thinking I had lost enough to fit in it again only to put it right back in the closet. This program has truly changed my body and I am now more motivated than ever to keep it going! Thanks DeAnne- I couldn’t do this without you and this awesome group!
– Sharon T

I now coach Fitness Professionals (FitPros) and help keep them motivated and accountable. I also train hundreds of coaches to do the same.

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